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Jewellery Glossary

Before you sell your old gold jewellery you might want to identify exactly what you have. Below is a glossery of terms that will help you describe your jewellery. Remember that ForgottenGold pays the best price for all old gold jewellery regardless of the condition, carat or age.


A band is simply a ring that is the same width all the way around.  Traditionally used for wedding rings.


 A rigid bracelet that either slips over the hand or is clasped on.

Basket Style Ring

A large open ring setting which carries an item, generally a coin or some other memento

Box Chain

A style of chain in which the uniformly sized links are box shape.


Decorative Item of jewellery worn on the wrist.   They come in various different forms.  The most common ones are categorised below.


A brooch is an ornamental piece of jewellery with a pin and clasp that allows it to be attached to clothing.

Butterfly Clasp

Object which fastens to the earring post to secure the earring in the ear


A two toned piece of jewellery depicting a figure carved in material generally shell, glass or amethyst.  The most common figure is a woman's face and the most common piece of jewellery is a brooch but they can also be pendants, rings and earrings.


A charm is a decorative pendant worn on a bracelet, necklace or earring.

Charm Bracelet

A link bracelet containing lots of decorative 'charms' which are often keepsakes and mementos.

Choker Length

14 - 16 inches (35.5 - 40.75 cms)


Any type of attachment that joins two ends of a piece of jewellery.


A setting used to hold gemstones in place.

Cocktail Ring

A large, slightly oversized ring set with precious and/or semiprecious gems.

Collar Length

12 - 13 inches (30.5 - 33 cms)

Cuff Bracelet

Similar to a bangle but does not encircle the full wrist

Cuff Links

Cuff links are used as button on a shirt with French cuffs.  They come in various styles

Curb Chain

A style of chain in which the uniformly sized links are twisted to create a flat chain.  Styles for both men and ladies some can be quite heavy.

Dog Tags Chain

Originally a military item but now commonly used as an item of jewellery.  Generally engraved with personal details or a designer’s logo.

Drop Earring

An earring that hangs below the earlobe. Also known as a "Dangle" earring.

Flat Chain

A style of chain with flat links or flattened stones - it is worn flat to the skin.

French Back

An earring system for non-pierced ears whereby the earring is attached to the earlobe by means of tightening a screw.

Gate Bracelet

A link bracelet with 'gate-like' links.  These usually have a lock type clasp.

Gold plating

To apply a coating of gold to a base metal. Gold-plated jewellery is made by bonding 10-karat or better gold to a base metal. The karat gold content may be less than 1/20, but must be properly identified as a percentage of the total content.


A gram is a unit of measurement symbolised by the letter 'g'.  In reference to gold it is sometimes written as 'gg' or 'aug'.


A stamped mark which is applied to items of jewellery and silverware as a guarantee of authenticity and acts as a safeguard to purchasers.

Hat Pins

A hat pin is a decorative pin used to keep hats, veils and other head garments in place.  Rarely used in daily wear now but some hat pins have become collectable.

Herringbone Chain

Similar to the flat chain.  Sometimes comes in three colours.

Hoop Earring

A circular-shaped earring made from precious metal wire or tubing.  Diamond cut hoop earrings have ornate engraving on the metal.


A decorative feature of an item of jewellery, such as a gemstone.


 Karat is the term used as the measurement of gold purity (since gold is in fact a mixture of gold and other metals). The designation for pure gold is 24K or 99.9%,   18k is 750 or 75% pure, 15k is 585 or 58% pure.  9K is 375 or 37.5% pure.

Link Bracelet

A bracelet which is made up of a series of links.  These links can be of various metals or materials.  The links vary in size and can be tight together or loose.

Link Chain

A style of chain comprised of a series of links.  There are several different styles of links on the market ranging from very small to large.  They can also be circular or oblong.


A pendant made of two hinged parts that open to reveal a photograph or charm

Matinee Length

20 - 24 inches (50.75 - 61 cms)


Decorative item of jewellery worn around the neck.  They come in various different forms.  The most common ones are categorised below.

Omega Back Earrings

Style of earring closure loosely based on the Greek Letter Omega

Opera Length

28 - 34 inches (71 - 86.25 cms)


Gold is traditionally measured in Troy Ounces which is exactly 31.1034768g.  This is larger than a regular baking ounce (avoirdupois ounce) which has 28.3495g. 


A movable ornament suspended from a chain


Platinum is a lustrous white metal mostly found in South Africa and Russia.  It is much denser and stronger than gold and is difficult to tarnish or distort.    It is mined almost a mile underground at temps exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit making it a lot rarer and more expensive than gold.


Pin like object which passes through the ear piercing and connects to a fastening behind the hole such as a butterfly clasp

Princess Length

17 - 19 inches (43.25 - 48.25 cms)

Rolled Gold

A base metal alloy bonded to a "Veneer" of precious metal.

Rope Chain

A style of chain with woven links which are almost rope-like in appearance.  These chains are generally thicker than the normal link chains.

Rope Length

45 inches plus (over 114cms)

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper.  The addition of copper gives it the distinctive colour - the more copper included the redder the colour of the gold.  Rose gold is sometimes referred to as red gold, pink or Russian gold.  22 carat Rose gold is also known as crown gold.

Safety Catch

A secondary fastening used for securing jewellery that guarantees the safety of the jewellery should the main fastening break. Usually seen as a hinged loop that snap closes one side of a clasp to the other.


The round encircling body of the ring.

Signet Ring

Very common type of ring.  Often carries personal initials, club or fraternity insignia or family coat of arms.

Sleeper Earrings

Very small and light hoop earrings designed for wearing at night


A single gem or diamond featured in a simple setting style.

Stud Earrings

An earring consisting of a small ornament like object, such as a gem, on a metal post that passes through a hole in the ear lobe, held in place by a fastener that attaches behind the ear

Tennis Bracelet

A flexible, chain-like bracelet made up of evenly matched gems or diamonds. There are many variations of this popular bracelet style.

Tie Clip

As with the tie pin its intention is to keep the tie straight and prevent it from hanging forward.   Called a Tie Clip or a Slide Tie Pin as it clips or slides on to the shirt and tie and does not pierce the material as with a regular tie pin or tie tack.

Tie Pin

Piece of jewellery intended to keep a gentleman's tie straight and close to his shirt.  Not too common anymore as it has been replaced by the tie clip and tie tack

Tie Tack

Tie Tack sticks through a tie and the weight and chain fastens through a button hole on the shirt.  Only the ornate part remains visible.

White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one other white metal usually nickel or palladium.  As with yellow gold its purity is measured in carats.

Yellow Gold

This is the most common type of gold.  Purer gold has a much more yellow hue as there are so few other metals mixed in with it. Pays More!.

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